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In the Spotlight: German Major and Riflery Champion Madeline Pike

madeline pike in rifle attire img

Madeline in her NC State Rifle team’s attire.

German and International Studies double-major Madeline Pike started learning German in second grade while living in Australia. After her return to the United States, she started learning German again in High School.

While in High School she was accepted into the prestigious Virginia’s Governor’s Foreign Language Academies where she spent three weeks practicing her German language skills. There, she received an A2 certificate from the renown Goethe Institute. The A2 certificate is part of the the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) designed to provide a transparent, coherent and comprehensive basis for the elaboration of language syllabuses and curriculum guidelines as well as the design of teaching and learning materials, and the assessment of foreign language proficiency within the European Union.

At NC State, Madeline ended up double majoring in German and International Studies and was a member of the NC State Rifle team and Delta Phi Alpha. She graduated Summa Cum Laude last May.

For her experience abroad, Madeline did an internship with the Carl Duisberg Centren, a German language school, in Radolfszell, Germany. She was also the first recipient of the “Wilhelm Tell” award for German Studies for her enthusiasm and excellence in both German and Riflery. At the time of graduation, Madeline was still trying to decide whether she wants to teach German or pursue a government job focusing on international conflict management.

By Samuel Sotillo (Webmaster), with Helga Braunbeck (German Program Coordinator).

Come and Join Us to Celebrate Our Students!

Dr Gross' picture

Dr. Ruth Gross, FLL Head

Every year all the language sections of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures get together for the Student Awards Ceremony. This annual event honors the most outstanding students at all levels of study of their chosen language for the hard work and accomplishments they have achieved.

This year’s ceremony will take place on Wednesday, April 23 at 3:30 PM in Caldwell Hall Lounge. We hope that the honorees, as well as parents and friends will partake in this ceremony. It is one that FLL looks forward to, as it brings the world of languages together in one joyful event.

Ruth Gross, Head 

2014 Recipients

Arlene Malinowski Memorial Award

  • Kalavik Anne McNamara

The Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Awards

  • Jaime Elizabeth Eagerton
  • April Grossi
  • Leeann Nicole Meyer
  • Sara Sadovy

The L.I. Felner Scholarship for Study Abroad

  • Paula Gordon
  • Morgan Westbrook
Outstanding Student in Beginning Arabic

  • Courtney Smith
  • Yahya Wahdan

Outstanding Student in Intermediate Arabic

  • Alexandra Carlson
  • Linda Marie Valenziano

Outstanding Student in Advanced Arabic

  • Amanda Bejjani
  • Tara Di Casso

Outstanding Performance in Arabic

  • Mary Sloan

Outstanding Achievement in First Year Chinese

  • Hing Chan
  • Destiny Davis
  • Matthew Demetrious
  • Dong Jun Lee
  • Mary Lin
  • Alexander Frederick Pharr
  • Claire Setser
  • Nancy Sun
  • Dan Thompson
  • Esther Wu

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Chinese

  • Ashley Marie Resta
  • Grace Van Eps
  • Cali Salvatore-Wilkey
  • Ariel Wong

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year Chinese

  • Kerri Davis
  • Liam Cole Finney
  • Eileen Gu
  • Megan O’Connor
  • Joel Stiling

Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies

  • Hayden Russell
  • Mirela Scott

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Greek

  • Haoshi Yang

Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Greek

  • Pamela Koulianos

Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Latin

  • Jason Norris
  • Robert Valdillez

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Latin

  • Carl Rice

Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Latin

  • Ashley Jones

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in French

  • Megan Demeny

Outstanding French Minor

  • Alexey Bondarev

Outstanding Contribution to the French Club

  • Emma Frank

Interdisciplinary Achievement Award

  • Nnenna Akaronu
  • Emma Besaw

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

  • Charly Bernard Eugene Verstraet

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year German

  • Davis Ann Ranson
  • Michael Andrew Thomas

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year German

  • Lorena Schmidt
  • Maria Withrow

Outstanding German Studies Major

  • Kyle Backhus

Outstanding German Minor:

  • Caroline Ward

The “Dichter und Denker” Award for German Studies

  • Jeff Guilford

The “Most Improved” Award for German Studies

  • Tyler Farlow

The “Wilhelm Tell” Award for German Studies

  • Madeline Pike
Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Kelsey Joanne Lawler-Childress
  • Maria-De-Las-Nieves Gonzalez-Fuentes
  • Johanna Montlouis-Gabriel
  • Carol Owens
  • Caroline Marie Sferruzzo
  • Charly Bernard Eugene Verstraet

Excellence in Elementary Hindi-Urdu

  • Joseph Emmanuel Sankar

Excellence in Intermediate Hindi-Urdu

  • Vijay Kumar Sadanani

Dedication to Advance Hindi-Urdu

  • Usman Fazal Siddiqui

Outstanding Contribution to the Italian Club

  • Natalie Dinkins

Outstanding Achievement in First Year Japanese

  • Alayna Veasey
  • Qiao Zhang

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Japanese

  • Genevieve Bachman
  • Shihori Obata

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year Japanese

  • Scott Cain

Outstanding Achievement in Fourth Year Japanese

  • William Harris

Outstanding Independent Study Award

  • Brandon Bovia

Outstanding Student in Persian Studies

  • Mariam Emran

Excellence in First Year Portuguese

  • Margaret Anne Alves Reybitz
  • Amy Fugon

Excellence in Second Year Portuguese

  • Viviana Callejas
  • Amy Leslie Lawrence
  • Gabriel Roberto Sarmiento
  • Rajan Walter Singh

Excellence in Beginning Russian

  • Oliver Jones
  • Thomas Stoddard
  • Jeffrey Wire
  • Shuyi Zhu

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Spanish

  • Kalavik Anne McNamara
  • Elizabeth Medlin
  • Kaitlyn Rogers
  • Ruth Sirkin
  • Kat White
  • Eric Willbanks

Outstanding Service Award to the Spanish Program

  • Kaitlyn Rodgers

Volunteer Ahora for Raleigh (VOLAR)

  • Asabea Amaniampong
  • Austin Bath
  • Sarah Beebe
  • Margaret Caroline Bridges
  • Emma Cathell
  • Kristen Ellington
  • Samuela Fernandes
  • Nicole Glick
  • Ashley Grandis
  • Alexzandra Mack
  • Alexis Metz
  • Catherine Anne Montgomery
  • Megan Parker
  • Hadley Parker
  • Emily Scotton
  • Nick Snow
  • Diana Vasquez
  • Maisey Ward
  • Maggie Zargo
Posted by FLL Webmaster.

FLL Students Receive Multiple Awards

As an example of the FLL Department’s commitment to providing students with a quality education and opportunities to excel in their fields of interest, the following is a list of FLL Graduate Students, Majors, and Minors who have received several awards and scholarships in the past weeks:

2014 Outstanding TA / Excellence in Classroom Teaching Award

  • Johanna Montlouis-Gabriel, Graduate Teaching Assistant in French, MA in FLL (French concentration)

French TA Johanna Montlouis-Gabriel on winning the Excellence in Classroom Teaching Award from French faculty Dr. Valerie Wust

2014-15 CHASS Merit Scholarships

  • Emma Cathell, Sophomore, Social Work & Spanish
  • Heather Griffin, Sophomore, Spanish & Animal Science
  • Micah Khater, Junior, French & History
  • Emily Lait, Junior, Psychology & Spanish
  • Ruth Sirkin, Senior, Psychology & Spanish
  • Hannah Taylor, Freshman, French
  • Maria Withrow, Junior, German Studies & Mechanical Engineering
  • Maggie Zargo, Freshman, International Studies and Spanish

 2014-15 Abraham Holtzman Scholarship

  • Catherine Ann Longo, Sophomore, Spanish & Chemical Engineering
  • Tianna Soto, Sophomore, Psychology & Spanish
  • Ruth Sirkin, Senior, Psychology & Spanish

2014 Goldwater Scholarship

  • James D. Turner, Junior, Spanish & Mechanical Engineering

Congratulations to them all!

By Samuel F. Sotillo (Lecturer/FLL Webmaster)